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Makeup Tips on your Wedding day

Getting you that flawless look is what this post is all about! You have chosen the dress, accessories and shoes,  all you need is your beauty to go along with it, so here are a few pointers that I have complied based on my experience and that of my colleagues in the industry.

First, lets address the DONT’s

  1. Not Testing your make up with florescent lighting indoors or and also towards the sunset hours.’ – Discuss it with your makeup artist in advance
  2. Having the makeup artist deciding on your look and not carrying it off.’ – Having recommendations and the confidence to carry it well is approach especially when the artist does not know you or your personality too well. The artist might not be aware of how you would want to look.
  3. Plastering up the makeup for the photographs.’ – Pros would advice the use of translucent and blotting powders along with a matte T-Zone application rather than piling up layers.
  4.  ‘Blindly going with anything trendy’.  Rather than creating a statement with a make-up that is bold opt for the classic’s, something trendy may look better on a magazine photo but not necessarily in person.
  5. Hesitating  for a bit brighter look’. Colors look marginally low-toned on photographs, so getting a choice of lipstick a few shades brighter than usual would look very natural in photos.
  6. ‘Restricting the application to only your face’.  Choosing to extend all the way to your neck and shoulders if required as your skin tones needs to look natural and even to your body’s texture.
  7. ‘Choosing to go too dark around the eyes’.  Shades too dense around the eyes would create an uneven look to the rest of the makeup, define the eye areas by gently applying color in the crease.
  8. In a hurry to apply and finish’. Plan for at least an hour period in the day’s schedule for makeup application in advance.

 The Do’s

  1. ‘Set up the trial days within a three week period from the date of the big day and not more than a 5 week period.
  2. ‘Get your trials with a white T-shirt or outfit to match the wedding days colors. Get photos indoor as well as outdoors to see the results against lighting and also photography
  3. Speak to your makeup artist to hide any darkness around the eyes with concealer and corrector.
  4. Consult with your makeup artist with images and references rather than describing a particular style. Keep in mind that certain trends and applications need to account for the right skin color as well.
  5. Remember the whiteness of the dress is strong hence the makeup should be able to compliment this color which is unlike an everyday dress. Adding color gradually to your lips and cheeks will be the best approach.
  6. Choose Individuals eyelashes over the whole strip, this would give you control of various lengths and placement.
  7.  Using professional products. Ranges from MAC’s Prolongwear includes superior wear  foundations, lip & eye products including foundations that last and look great all throughout the day.
  8. Research your makeup artist application methods