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Floral & Lighting Decor

The right decor, with a combination of lighting that is focused, diffused and ambient, coloured drapes and floral arrangements is work of art than can bring a venue to life. Club this to the theme of wedding and you have vibrant and elegant venue. There are plenty of quality variations, colors and textures you choose from. There are plenty of creative possibilities and design variations you can explore with us. During initial consultation will share our previous work to give you an idea of the variety and options you can explore with us. Decor at the venue and reception is undoubtedly a vital element that can transform a venue into a fairy-tale location. We can discuss any idea you have thought of or you can also look at browse through our work to put together a theme or a design that is unique and special to you big day!

Ceremony Decor

Indian weddings are filled with vibrant colors, elaborate floral arrangements and lots of light for decor. The ceremony is the centre of it all and we can put together a setting that modern contemporary to a traditional Maharaja styled arrangement. The options are endless, from crystal work, fresh flowers, customized fabric patterns, to traditional floral mandaps designed just the way you envision it.

Decor For Receptions
Receptions parties are grand celebrations and the stage for the bridal couple is where all the guests attention is drawn to. Lights, floral arrangements, drapes, overhead light hangings, drapes of satin and textured drapes are many of the elements that can be mixed and combined to create an exclusive work of art.

Floral Arrangements and Centrepieces

Flowers are synonymous to the Indian culture and have been associated with across all ethnicity. Fresh flower arrangements are a work of art and add so of much to the ambiance and mood of the venue. Our floral teams have a combined experience of over 20 years. We pay close attention to the not only the quality and freshness of the flowers but also to the arrangements of the installations.

Pre-Wedding Ceremonies
We can bring your pre-wedding parties and rituals to life with LED lighting, dance-floor lighting, lanterns, drapes, gazebos, relaxed seating, floral designs and much more to make your guests feel relaxed and enjoy every moment of your big day