The Art of Wedding Coordination© – About The Course

The Art of Wedding Coordination©, has been designed to be used in conjunction with Wedding Planning Guide, A Bride’s Workbook© . Both books are authored by Tanya W. Porter.

This course consists of six (6) sessions covering everything from setting up your business to working with a client to plan a wedding. While the topics of setting up a business and the legalities of the business are covered, the emphasis of this course is in preparing the student to be a wedding coordinator.

How the course is set up: You will receive your first Session after your enrollment has been accepted. When you complete the assignment and send back the questionnaire, the next Session will be sent. This way you always have a Session to work on. Over the period of the course, each assignment will build on the next.

Upon completion of all six sessions, to the satisfaction of WEDDINGS, ETC. LLC, a certificate will be issued stating you are certified as a Wedding Coordinator and member of Trained Wedding Professionals™. You will also receive a copy of WEDDING PLANNING GUIDE, A Bride’s Workbook©.

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Please Note: For those living in the local area, this course is offered as a one-on-one teaching/mentoring program rather than a large class situation. Class times will be arranged to work with the students’ schedules whenever possible.

The Art of Wedding Coordination© is a self-certification program, and WEDDINGS, ETC. LLC cannot guarantee anyone’s success as a wedding coordinator. Tuition will not be refunded once the manual is given or mailed to a student. Before starting, you need to consider these questions and answer them honestly.