2018 Wedding Trends

What’s hot and what’s not?

Colors are beautiful this year.  Blues, in any shade, are very strong, especially when paired with metalliacs such as gold, silver, gray and platinum.   Bold jewel tones are no longer just for the Fall and Winter weddings, but are making very bold statements.  Most popular are the rich purples (purple in any shade is good), golds, oranges, and reds.

The hottest color for next season is purple from pale lavender to deep eggplant.  Black, plum and navy, latte, coral and lavender, mauve, sage and turquoise, emerald, burgundy and chocolate are all the colors for the next four seasons.  You will be seeing more use of floral and geometric patterns and a heavy emphasis on shiny metallics.

A European trend is gaining popularity here in the U.S.   That is to choose deep, rich colors for their own wedding dresses as well as the bridesmaids.  Traditional white will hold it’s top spot, but will pick up the color in smart accent details.  Sashes, ribbons and embroidered detailing in fantastic colors will be seen on wedding dresses and complimented by everything from the choice of stationary, linens, added décor and even the wedding cake.

Look for multi-layers of fabric, including tinted multi-layered voile and chiffon.  Chic brides will turn to colored crinoline underskirts and accent colors featured on the soles of their bridal shoes.  (As an aside, for fun, have each bridesmaid sign the soles of your shoes and the name that shows the brightest at the end of the reception will be the next to get married!)

Vintage is in.  Look for influences from the glory days of Hollywood and beyond.  Romance is very evident in halter necklines, capelet sleeves, light and airy styles, strapless gowns, plunging necklines, antique lace, stain ribbons for straps, ruffles, tea length dresses in Spring and Summer (great for destination weddings as well as morning or afternoon weddings), diamond or crystal or rhinestone accessories, open-toed stilettos and dangling earrings.  (If you can’t find what you like at the store, contact www.lesliesarts.com for custom make jewelry.)

“Green” weddings are gaining popularity.  Brides are choosing to use their dollars to “give back”, using products such as recycled paper invitations (those made with flower seed imbedded are wonderful as your guests can “plant” their invitations and they add beauty to any garden).  Brides are utilizing more local organic foods, antioxidant free meats, pesticide free floral and even dresses made from natural fibers.

Color plays a big part in all parts of your wedding, but especially in the décor.  Reception décor is gaining speed in moving to a bold color pallet.  Your room will “POP” with color and your guests will love it.

Personalizing more, items such as monograms, family heirlooms etc. are in vogue.

Next year – look for a modern twist to classic ideas.

Couples are turning from the round table look to the square tables, using vintage accents, international and ethnic themes.

Signature drinks and family recipes are in.  Work with your caterer to come up with a signature drink that can be served either with or without alcohol.  More couples are working in ethnic dishes, sometimes even providing a special recipe to the caterer.

An elegant idea to add to the cocktail is the addition of ports and cheeses along delicious chocolate treats, which never go out of style!

More and more couples are cutting their guest lists to 75-100 of their closest friends and family.  With wedding costs coming close to $150 per person, the wow factor gets much larger with fewer guests.