Located by the Arabian sea on India’s West coast, Goa is not just a preferred holiday destination, but is also quickly gaining popularity with young couples looking to tie the knot. And why not? With its white sandy beaches, churches dating back to hundreds of years, its many forts and the ever-welcoming hospitality of its people, Goa is perfect for everyone, whether you are looking to cater to thousands of invitees or even just a small gathering of family and friends.

As far as location and budget is concerned, this tiny jewel of a state certainly scores over more exotic destinations like the Maldives or Mauritius, where costs will more than triple when travel, accommodations (hotel stays, getting around, etc) and entertainment (food, booze, decor, etc) is concerned. With a wide range of hotels, including over a dozen luxurious five stars, there’s something for everyone and every pocket. Find the right planner and the right hotel and everything is simply taken care of, from the catering to the services.

Laid-back and pleasant, Goa always feels like a holiday, no matter which part of the year it is. In addition, it is extremely well accessible, not just by air, but also by road and rail.

Just imagine the most perfect sunset behind you at the most perfect moment of your lives. From beach settings, to coconut groves, ancient forts and white-washed churches, the backdrops here are alluring as they are beautiful. What’s more is that any location can be customised to suit your theme. Want to keep it completely traditional? That can be arranged. Or perhaps you are looking for a pool grind with a Venetian touch? Or how about a magical and oh-so-romantic candle-lit evening by the beach? Professional Planners here can do all of this and more to make your dreams come true.

As far as costs are concerned, this will depend on several factors such as the number of guests, choice of hotels or resorts, the different festivities at these venues, the theme or décor you decide to go for, your choice of entertainment/music, etc, and even the number and quality of photographers and videographers you decide to use. From something simple to something extremely extravagant, the sky is the limit!

Hotel stays and food, of course, will account for a lion’s share of the budget, but a skilled planner will be able to negotiate on your behalf to arrive at a pricing and cost that everyone is happy with

Bear in mind, there is a lot of customization that can be made, so working backwards with your budget in important to help plan and implement everything properly.