Makeup Tips on your Wedding day

Getting you that flawless look is what this post is all about! You have chosen the dress, accessories and shoes,  all you need is your beauty to go along with it, so here are a few pointers that I have complied based on my experience and that of my colleagues in the industry. First, lets […]

Hindu Wedding Accessories

Mistakes You Can Avoid While Picking out Your Wedding Accessories

Working With Your Wedding Dress Your wedding dress what most people will remember you on your day you will walk down the aisle so it is essential that you don’t upstage your wedding dress with any accessory. The dress you choose will be grab all the attention and the accessories will would only support its […]

Checklist for Bridal Accessories

Checklist for Bridal Accessories

You tend to sometimes overlook few of those accessories while planning for your wedding. Many brides will tell you that it is the smaller details that make your celebration unique and special, so I have put together a checklist so you have got everything you need when it comes to planning out for your accessories. […]